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Help Build A Green Network Across Seattle—Safe Streets For All


Would you like to walk or bike safely to anywhere in Seattle, without having to worry about traffic? What if this were possible to accomplish while still allowing cars to go where they need to go?

As our Memorials Page shows, too many people who walk and ride bikes are dying or getting injured because of unsafe streets. But this isn’t always the fault of the driver. Sometimes, it’s just inadequate city planning.

You and your neighbors can make a difference. You can form a local committee and start advocating for a greenway in your neighborhood. Our “All Ages & Abilities” vision is that by 2022, we’ll have 250 miles of greenways networked across Seattle, built within ¼ mile of 90% of residents. With your contributions and volunteer time, we can make this happen.

When you support Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, you are helping create a safer city for all. Specifically, your tax-deductible funds help us to:

  • Galvanize local volunteers and support their local action
  • Build coalitions between partner organizations, businesses, and institutions to effectively encourage and activate the construction of greenways and other safety improvements
  • Create maps, organize walking audits and community events, and use art and education to show how Seattle roads can be safe for people who bike, children, seniors, the disabled, and families, while still allowing for efficient traffic flow

We want to eliminate deaths and injuries on our streets.

We want people from every walk of life to have safe avenues to get anywhere in the city without a car.

This is possible.

Are you excited about a new Seattle knitted together by neighborhood greenways?

YES! I want to help make Seattle safe for people of all ages who walk and ride bikes.


If you’d like to give online

Hit the donate button below. When you choose to give, you will be taken to the Seattle Foundation’s donation page. Your gift reaches us through our fiscal sponsor, the Seattle Parks Foundation.


Your donations are tax deductible, and we are a 501(c)3 organization.


If you’d like to give by check…

Make your check payable to “Seattle Parks Foundation/Seattle Neighborhood Greenways” and mail it to:

105 South Main Street #235
Seattle, WA 98104


If you have questions…

About Employee Time Matching contributions, gifts of stock, and other donation options, please contact Shava Lawson at 206.332.9900 x19.

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways got started just a few years ago after realizing something needed to be done to make our streets safer for all. Get on board with one of Seattle’s newest and most active organizations. If you don’t want to donate, find your neighborhood on our map and see if there are any local actions you can help support in your area.