Ballard Greenways is a group of neighbors like you who are working to make their streets safer and more comfortable for everybody.Ballard Greenways

The best way to receive updates or get involved with our community group is to join our Google Group. Welcome!

You can also follow us online:

Facebook: BallardGreenways
Our community group works on projects in Adams, West Woodland, Sunset Hill, Loyal Heights and Whittier Heights.


View Ballard Greenways — Potential Route Network in a larger map

Ballard Future Routes

Solid Green: Completed greenway (Label: “Completed”, 100% opacity, 10pt line)
Translucent Green: Greenways funded/under construction (Label: “In progress”, 45% opacity, 10pt line)
Red: Priority 1 greenway to build next (Label:”P1″, 45% opacity, 10pt line)
Red Pin: Priority 1 intersection treatments to build next (Labeled “P1″)
Narrow Purple Lines: Potential Greenway Routes (subject to change and duplication, 45% opacity, 5 pt)
Purple Points: Potential Greenway intersection treatments
Wide Blue Lines: Cycle tracks and other expensive infrastructure (45% opacity, 10pt line)