Area: The Montlake Greenways effort includes the areas bounded by North Capitol Hill (Interlaken), I5 to the west, Lake Washington Blvd to the East and the water to the north. It’s basically the Montlake Elementary school district.

Mission: The currently under served group that most needs Neighborhood Greenways in the Montlake area is the 70% of the population who would like to walk or bike to local destinations but does not feel safe doing so given the safety limitations of the current public right of way infrastructure.

A group of Montlake residents have been discussing the opportunity to use the Seattle Greenways initiative as a way to reconnect the neighborhood for people of all ages and abilities who wish to get to some of their local destinations without having to drive a car.

Main Contact: Lionel Job

Proposed circulation plan for the communities around Portage Bay:

View Montlake Destination Based Planning in a larger map


Solid Green Line: Completed Greenway
Translucent Green: In progress/Greenway Funded
Red: Priority 1 Greenways to build next
Red Pin: Priority 1 intersections to build next
Narrow Purple Lines: Potential Greenway Routes (subject to change)
Purple Points: Potential Greenway intersection treatments
Wide Blue Lines: Cycle tracks and other expensive Low Stress infrastructure recommended