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The first greenway in Seattle!

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We celebrated the Opening of the first mile of the Wallingford Greenway on June 16, 2012! Watch a YouTube of the Opening festivities featuring a ribbon-cutting, gelato bike, and Kidical Mass!

Main Contact: Cathy Tuttle (can be reached at cathy.tuttle at gmail dot com)

Map and Draft Plan: Complete community draft plan

The Wallingford Greenway boasts the first segment of Greenway in Seattle that goes east-west between Latona Avenue Northeast and Stone Way North on 44th and 43rd.

What we do. The Wallingford Greenways Group advocates for changes to public streets that help people from 8 years old to 80 years old walk or bike safely in our community. From elementary school students who want to walk or bike to school to people aging gracefully in place without a car, our efforts seek to foster healthy, active, and safe route options for people of all ages and abilities.

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Solid Green Line: Completed Greenway
Translucent Green: In progress/Greenway Funded
Red: Priority 1 Greenways to build next
Red Pin: Priority 1 intersections to build next
Narrow Purple Lines: Potential Greenway Routes (subject to change)
Purple Points: Potential Greenway intersection treatments
Wide Blue Lines: Cycle tracks and other expensive Low Stress infrastructure recommended