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District 4: Safe I-5 Crossings

Thanks for your help in 2016! Read about what you helped accomplished.

Current I-5 crossings are dangerous and inaccessible.

Current I-5 crossings are dangerous and inaccessible.

What is the problem?
Interstate 5 divides the neighborhoods of District 4 and prevents people from walking and biking east-west.

What is the solution (the 2016 priority)?
Create safer sidewalks, bike lanes, and curb ramps on key crossings and explore the creation of a new crossing or lid.

Who is involved?
Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is working to empower University Greenways, NE Seattle Greenways, and Wallingford Greenways.

Campaign Updates

  • Get Involved: We could use your help! Let us know that you support this priority!
  • BIG WIN! NE 70/71st St crossing of I-5 is awarded Neighborhood Park and Street Funding in 2016 by the Northeast District Council. SNG meets with WSDOT to review and confirm safety improvements of this crossing.

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