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Safe Routes to School

Thanks for your help in 2016! Read about what you helped accomplished.

6-ideas-front-pageUseful Resources:

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Here is more information on how to apply for SDOT’s $1000 Mini Grant for your school!

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Keep kids safe

What is the problem?

There is tremendous demand for safe routes for children to walk or bike to school, but limited funding.

What is the solution (the 2016 priority)?

School communities will create a prioritized list of the investments that are needed most to get their children to school safely to help give direction to SDOT. Seattle Neighborhood Greenways will work with schools that are crossing-flagsslated to receive funding first from the Move Seattle Levy, which are those that have been historically underserved. Seattle

Neighborhood Greenways will also work to ensure that major projects that are being
constructed near to schools help to create a safe crossings for students to walk to school.

Help PTSAs to prioritize investments needed for children to get to school safely. We will engage first with historically underserved schools. join us!

Who is involved?

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is leading on this issue in Seattle and we will partner with our local groups, Parent Teacher Student Associations, and the SDOT Safe Routes to School Program. We are looking for opportunities to collaborate with Feet First and Cascade Bicycle Club as well.

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Dunlap Elementary young boy after school

Dunlap Elementary young boy after school

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