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Our Partners

While we don’t have “formal” relationships with other groups or organizations, we certainly admire the work, and keep in touch with, all sorts of groups to talk about our shared value of making streets for people to safely, comfortably, efficiently, and equitably get around Seattle.

City of Seattle

Seattle Department of Transportation is our main partner in making our streets safe, comfortable, efficient and equitable for all!

Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board

Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board

Seattle Department of Neighborhoods

Seattle Department of Planning and Development

Seattle Office of Economic Development

Seattle Office of Emergency Management

Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment

Seattle Parks Department

Seattle Police Department

Seattle Public Schools Traffic Advisory Committee

Seattle Public Utilities

Seattle Road Safety Summit Committee

Seattle/King County Public Health Department

Regional Planning & Funding Organizations

Bridging the Gap Citizen Oversight Committee

Commute Trip Reduction Board

Puget Sound Regional Council Bicycling/Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Safe Routes to Schools

Washington State Department of Transportation Pedestrian and Bicycle Program

Washington Traffic Safety Commission

Transportation & Community Advocacy Organizations (Local)

Bicycle Alliance of Washington State

Bike Works

Cascade Bicycle Club. Rides with Sophie!

Commute Seattle

Congress for the New Urbanism



Feet First


Great City

King County Mobility Coalition

Mountains to Sound Greenway

Puget Sound Sage

SCALLOPS Sustainable Communities ALL Over Puget Sound

Seattle Bike Blog

Seattle Chamber of Commerce

Seattle Parks Foundation

Senior Services of Seattle/King County



Transportation Choices Coalition


Urban Sparks


Educational Institutions

University of Washington College of Built Environment

Seattle University Sustainability Office

University of Washington Sustainability Office

University of Washington Department of Public Health

University of Washington Transportation Office

Seattle Children’s Hospital

Transportation Advocacy Organizations (National)

Alliance for Biking and Walking

Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals

Project for Public Spaces: National Center for Bicycling & Walking

Other Cities We Talk To, A Lot

Portland, Oregon

Vancouver, BC

Copenhagen, Denmark

Lund, Sweden