Wallingford Greenway Celebration

Celebration/block party for our new Greenway!
Saturday, June 16, 4 to 7pm.
44th is being cordoned off., from Bagley to Sunnyside

Tentative Schedule:
3:00pm – close N 44th St between Sunnyside & Bagley (parking/local access O.K.)
4:00pm – Bike blender and crafts
5:00pm – ribbon cutting
5:15pm – kids parade
5:30pm – dog parade
5:30pm – hot dogs and ice cream
6:00pm-7:00pm – Walk or bike tour along the Greenway

How you can help: This celebration is like August Night Out.

  • Can you bring out any tables and chairs?
  • Bring boom box, extension cord & music (& your favorite CDs!)
  • Garbage/Recyling cans to close o. streets and for waste
  • Can you bring out your grill for hot dogs?
  • Hoola hoop, basketball hoop, foosball, bring out your toys!
  • Let Adrian (44th and Bagley) know if you can let visiting kids use your bathroom.

Advocating for more safe & comfortable streets for all people who choose or need to walk, drive, use a wheelchair or ride a bicycle