District 1: West Seattle & South Park

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Local SNG coalition groups involved: West Seattle Bike Connections

What was the 2015 priority?
35th Ave SW is the most dangerous street in West Seattle. It forms a barrier to people walking or biking that divides our neighborhoods. We are working to create safe crossings of 35th Ave SW and to build a parallel neighborhood greenway to give people an alternative to using 35th.

35th Ave SW march

James St Clair memorial walk

What happened?
Following the death and memorial walk James St. Clair in January 2014, West Seattle Bike Connections and the High Point Community resolved to make 35th Ave SW safer, easier to walk across, and easier to bike nearby. This became the 2015 priority for District 1 for the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways coalition.

After much hard work and advocacy three major accomplishments have been won so far:

1) Part of 35th Ave SW has received a much needed safety redesign, which has created a dedicated turn lane reduced speeding, made it safer to cross, and not affected the number of people using the street!

35th ave SW road diet

2) A parallel greenway to 35th Ave SW is in SDOT’s workplan to begin study in 2016, which construction planned for 2017 (click the image below to see a screenshot of the workplan, or read the full document)!

35th ave SW parallel greenway

SDOT bike workplan

3) Our grant for a safer crossing at SW 35th Ave SW and S Graham St has received $62,400 for improvements in 2016!

Thank you to everyone who has worked on this priority and made these successes possible! It takes a village of caring neighbors.

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