District 2: Rainier Valley & Beacon Hill

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In 2015, community advocates from Rainier Valley Greenways and Beacon B.I.K.E.S. set an audacious goal for 2015: Fix Seattle’s most dangerous street. And they won! They rallied their community members and organizations like Cascade to support a campaign called Safety Over Speeding.

Safety Over Speeding recognizes that with 1,243 crashes in the past three years, Rainier Avenue South is the most dangerous street in Seattle. Every crash impacts our community – from cars careening into our businesses to our children being run down by drivers who never even stop. We say enough! Rainier Ave S should be made safe for all people to walk, bike, drive, catch the bus, shop, and live.

We need our neighborhood back. We need,

  1. Safe Speeds of 25 MPH along Rainier Avenue South and 20 MPH engineered in our community centers of Columbia City, Hillman City, and Rainier Beach with enforcement.

  2. Safe & Dignified Crossings of Rainier Ave S where people driving stop for people walking, and people walking have enough to time cross before the traffic light changes.

  3. A Safe Place for People to Bike on Rainier Ave S.

Campaign Updates

Rainer Ave Campaign

Click the map to see a presentation of the changes

Click the map to see a presentation of the changes

Big update! Our grassroots campaign has used twenty-one different tactics such as posting a giant hand-painted “Get Well Soon Rainier Ave” card on a local business that had been plowed into by a car, framing the conversation in the media around the human toll of the road rather than the fear of change, and hosting a Day of Action crosswalk protest. Your hard work has paid off! A segment of Rainier Ave S received a safety redesign in August 2015, with more miles to come in 2016.

But there is still more work to do, and we still need your help making Seattle’s most dangerous street safer by expanding and improving the redesign.