District 7: Downtown, Magnolia, Queen Anne, First Hill

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Local SNG coalition groups involved: Lake Union Greenways, Queen Anne Greenways, and the First Hill Improvement Association

What was the 2015 priority? Create safe east-west walking and biking routes between Uptown, South Lake Union, and Cascade.

Campaign Updates

  • Win! We hosted a scouting ride with key leaders and created a list of recommendations. Read more.
  • Big Win! City Council included language in the sale of the 800 Megablock project on Mercer to encourage the development of protected bike lanes.
  • The First Hill Improvement Association and Queen Anne Greenways have both discussed this project with the consultant team working on it.
800 Megablock Protected Bike Lanes on Mercer & 9th

800 Megablock Protected Bike Lanes on Mercer & 9th


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