A Greenways Year in Review–and an exciting announcement!

What an incredible couple of years it has been! Through everyone’s hard work, this dream is now being cemented as Seattle’s actual transportation policy. The transformation we’ve brought about is unprecedented, and has received national recognition. I am grateful and inspired by every one of you.

Akiva, age 10, gets ready to ride in Seattle

Personally, I became involved in bicycle advocacy in 2008 when my son Akiva was 10. I wondered whether he would be able to experience the freedom of bicycling from our home in Wallingford to Roosevelt High School. Akiva is now a high school freshman, and he still can’t bike to school safely.

But next year, kids and families all over Delridge and Ballard will be the first to have networks of safe, healthy streets. These streets will make it possible to people of all ages, incomes and abilities to get around their neighborhoods.

Make no mistake: Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is at a crossroads. We’ve accomplished so much in our first year–you’ll find just a sampling at the end of this e-mail.

But we can do so much more as a sustainable, funded organization. Right now, our main financial support has come from a single, generous donor. I know many of you are passionate about Greenways, but haven’t yet had a chance to contribute your time or money.

If you support the dream of a Seattle where our families and loved ones can safely walk and bike: please make a end-of-year donation to Seattle Neighborhood Greenways. No matter the amount–whether $25 or $2500–we value your participation.

Our steering committee’s ambitious plans for 2013 and beyond will only be possible with your broad financial support. You can make a tax-deductible donation today through our fiscal sponsor Seattle Parks Foundation. And for a limited time, your donation will be matched. DONATE TODAY! for a future of safe, healthy streets.

With gratitude,

Cathy Tuttle
Executive Director, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways

2013: A Greenways Year in Review

  • Fifteen of our 19 neighborhood groups have crowdsourced maps that have been incorporated into the current draft of the Bicycle Master Plan.
  • We’ve collectively identified priority routes and intersections to develop through Bridging the Gap funding.
  • We’ve built up the Rainier Valley Greenways group into a powerful force with competitive grants from the Office of Sustainability & Environment and the National Parks Service.
  • We’ve formed a powerful coalition to address pedestrian and bicycle access of the SR 520 Bridge remodel.
  • We have major projects being reviewed for Safe Routes to School funding, and four of our groups received Large Street Fund support (and many more groups have raised money through Department of Neighborhoods, private sources, and major foundations).
  • We’ve made major presentations to Seattle Public Schools, City Council, Senior Services of Seattle/King County, Seattle Parks, and the Office of Emergency Management.
  • We recently received Sustainable Seattle’s highest award for Leadership in Livable & Human Infrastructure.
  • We’ve made safe and healthy Seattle streets into front-page news through television coverage, dozens of newspaper articles, and presentations at regional and international transportation conferences.
  • We’ve partnered with Seattle Parks Foundation as our 501c(3) sponsor, making all of your gifts to Seattle Neighborhood Greenways tax-deductible as well as a pleasure to give.
  • The most important thing we’ve done in the past year is empower thousands of people in Seattle to envision and advocate for streets that are safe and healthy for their communities. Thank you! Donate today to keep that energy going!