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Safe Routes to Parks

We all deserve safe and comfortable access to our public parks.

It’s a sad fact that people throughout Seattle are often separated from their favorite parks by dangerous roads and street crossings.

We envision a Seattle parks system where our kids can safely bike to and through parks for fun or simply to get home. We envision a Seattle parks system where grandparents can safely walk to and through our parks as they enjoy staying active or to pick up a quart of milk from the grocery store. Do you share our vision? Then join us in creating equitable access to our park system!

How YOU can help do your part to speak up for safe access to parks for all!!

Send a message to City Council that we need equitable access to our parks!

Join us next Monday, April 7th at 6:00 PM in the Council Chambers at City Hall to speak out in favor of safe routes to parks.

Whether you are a veteran campaigner or have never spoken in a public hearing, the City Council needs to hear from you about the importance of the Mayor’s parks district funding proposal that includes $321,000 for connecting our parks to our communities and neighborhood greenways! Don’t want to speak? That’s okay! We want to pack the room with supporters (I’ll have green felt scarves to wear). If you plan to come please email me so I can provide scarves, talking points, and cookies! [email protected].

Please spend 30 seconds adding your name to our letter calling on City Council to do the right thing and ensure we have equitable access to our parks.

Your support makes a real difference. A number of City Councilmembers are interested in cutting the cost of the Mayor’s proposal. We need to let them know that it’s not okay to cut back on the funding that will help kids, elders, and everyone in between safely enjoy their parks.

What about this metropolitan parks district thing? Cathy and I strongly believe that it will be reliable and accountable way of funding our parks. The Seattle Parks Foundation is strongly supportive as well, and has posted a Parks DistrictFAQ online. Love the idea? Great, make sure you let City Council know! If you are still unconvinced about the idea, you can leave a comment when you sign our form letter.

Thank you!



Archival information

Neighbors and park enthusiasts from across the city are working together to make sure the Parks Legacy Plan‘s initiatives and funding reflect our shared vision and values. This idea stretches back to the 2011 update of the Visionary Bands of Green report stewarded by the Seattle Parks Foundation. Seattle Neighborhood Greenways Executive Director Cathy Tuttle worked diligently for the past year an a half to make sure the idea is included in the Parks Legacy levy and succeeded! Now we are working with many groups including Cascade Bicycle Club, Seattle Parks Foundation, Walking in Seattle and YOU to make sure this initiative is funded!

We are asking for $1.9 million per year for the life of the Parks Legacy levy to help the Department of Parks and Recreation and the Department of Transportation work together to:

  1. Provide equitable access to parks
    1. Help kids, grandparents and everyone in-between safely and comfortably walk or bike across busy streets to parks
    2. Create “gateways” between parks and neighborhood streets to welcome community members safely into their parks
    3. Upgrade trails through parks for people of all ages and abilities who want to walk or slowly bike comfortably, safely, and conveniently to where they want to go.
    4. Weave our parks into the fabric of our city by creating mini parks along neighborhood greenways similar to the popular street end parks.
  2. Create family friendly recreation events for people of all ages and abilities
    1. Create popular Portland Oregon style Sunday Parkways events that showcase our parks and local businesses and create a family friendly environment for walking and biking. These events will be free to the public and spread throughout the city providing equitable access to fun and healthy recreation.
    2. Continue to support walking recreation programs such as the Sound Steps Walking Program that seeks to “increase physical activity and social connection by working with people age 50 and older in a member-directed community walking program that is accessible and welcoming to all.”
For more information see our potential cost breakdown of the $1.9 million per year.


How: We need you to get involved! Whether you are simply a person who would like safer access to parks in your neighborhood or you have a connection to a Friends Of group or other community organization, we need you to speak out in favor of equitable access to parks.



Donate to Seattle Neighborhood Greenways

Your donations help us work to continue our important work advocating for safe streets for all. Donate todayThank you!

Need more information? Contact Gordon Padelford our Neighborhood Support Coordinator at gordon<at>seattlegreenways.org. Gordon is looking forward to hearing from you!
Together we can create a Seattle where everyone has the chance to enjoy our amazing parks.

Thank you!