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Public Tools for Safer Streets

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways partners with many public agencies to make our streets safe and healthy. Here are some tools we’ve discovered for community members to use to make your own streets safer.

  • If you ride a bicycle or care about people who bike, you should know the Regulations for Bicycling and Driving With Bicyclists.
  • A wealth of reports and safety tools from Seattle Department of Transportation including crash reports and safety improvements.
  • Community Oriented Traffic Calming from SDOT: yard signs, letters, brochures and other ways to make changes quickly as a community.
  • City of Seattle smartphone app lets you report potholes, broken signs & signals, and other street safety issues at Find It, Fix It.
  • Free Walking Maps from the Seattle Department of Transportation include a new series of city walking maps divides Seattle into three sections: north, central, and south.
  • Critical Crossings is Councilmember Nick Licata’s website dedicated to raising awareness of pedestrian safety in Seattle by publishing images of traffic intersections and crosswalks submitted by citizens who believe intersections are critical to their safety.
  • Way to Go, Seattle! is Seattle Department of Transportation’s one stop source for incentive programs, mobility apps and info about changing to walking, biking, using transit, and carpooling.
  • Seattle Parks closes Lake Washington Boulevard 10am-6pm for a dozen Summer Bicycle Sundays.
  • Seattle City Light operates 84,000 streetlights to help drivers and pedestrians stay safe at night. Report problems and outages online or call 684-7056.
  • Seattle Public Schools updates Walk Zone Maps for every public school every year.
  • Seattle Department of Transportation will install curb ramps as soon as funding allows when requested by qualified individuals with disabilities. Based on current funding it may take up to three years from the approval date for curb ramps to be installed.
  • Cost estimate guide to commonly requested street improvements from Seattle DOT.
  • Seattle Department of Transportation offers free bicycle racks in business districts.
  • Got Potholes? Report them online or call 684-ROAD (7623).
  • Damaged Street Signs, Sidewalks, Traffic Signals? Report them online or call 684-ROAD (7623).
  • For Street Maintenance Emergencies at All Hours of the Day call 386-1218