Supporting safe streets advocacy — now, and beyond COVID-19

Kids Greenway

Dear Friends and Supporters of Seattle Neighborhood Greenways,

Clearly, this is a difficult period for us all.

During this COVID-19 crisis, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is continuing to build campaigns and policies for a later time of greater mobility, while focusing on some of the immediate needs of our communities, can we count on you to help us continue this work?



In this period of quarantine, more people than ever are out and about walking in their neighborhood streets — grabbing some reprieve for fresh air and exercise (at a safe social distance). And in this harrowing and unusual time, we’re seeing that streets that are designed for people are critical now, and will definitely be on the other end of this, when we’re able to move freely again between the activities of our daily lives.

The need for walking- and biking-friendly streets continues — now and beyond the pandemic. And in order for our local walking and biking movements to succeed, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways must grow. As Tom Fucoloro at Seattle Bike Blog puts it, “SNG is doing the lion’s share of safe streets organizing both inside City Hall and through volunteer-powered grassroots groups in every corner of the city.”

From energizing and organizing grassroots advocates, to savvy policy analysis, coalition-building, and strategic campaign design, we have a proven model that gets results. We strongly believe that the most effective way to make change in Seattle is to empower everyday people with knowledge, guidance and support to champion the needs of their communities. Our organizing model is put to the test in today’s context of quarantining. We’ve altered our community outreach and support to feature online tools and training, leadership development, and mutual aid.

Please consider a gift today to keep our critical safe streets advocacy moving forward.

We kicked off 2020 with an ambitious slate of priorities this year, directed by the 16 active neighborhood groups in our citywide network. We’re still moving forward on many of these campaigns, but of necessity, we are already needing to reorient our programming.

Our work has always prioritized the communities most impacted by unsafe conditions for walking, biking, and rolling — and we know that these dangers persist, even with fewer cars and trucks on the streets. We will continue to push for much-needed walking and biking infrastructure in Seattle’s South End neighborhoods, as well as improved crossings and intersections citywide. We are also doubling down on implementing our Racial Equity Action Plan — a critical next step of which includes developing neighborhood-by-neighborhood action plans.

Collectively, we’re in a time of great uncertainty — for ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities. We don’t know what’s on the other side of these dual public health and economic crises. At Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, we will be doing what is within our means to support those who are most impacted by these calamities, while also building for a future beyond the pandemic.

For a brief window here, the streets and sidewalks of the city have become enlivened with more families than ever taking daily walks together, parents biking with kids on quieter neighborhood streets. There’s a glimmer in this, of what Seattle’s streets could be like — a different future that we can build towards right now, where our public streets are designed for people. Safe, functional, enjoyable streets for everyone — at any age, from any background, and for all abilities.

This is the bold vision that Seattle Neighborhood Greenways continues to work for. Join us in helping Seattle rebound from this crisis as a greener, more equitable, and thriving city with your generous contribution today.

Thank you for all that you do to take care of each other and support community life in Seattle!

— Susan Gleason, Development & Communications Director