Traffic Signals for People

All people deserve traffic signals that allow them to walk and roll safely and with dignity.

A group of people crossing the street at a colorful, busy intersection.

It’s time to fix traffic signals that…

  1. Don’t give you enough time to cross the street safely
  2. Take forever to give you a walk light to cross
  3. Make you push a beg button to get a walk light

Take Action:

Tell the Seattle Department Of Transportation which signals don’t work for you, your family, and your community.

With your help we can report every problematic signal to the City by the March 18th deadline for the Your Voice Your Choice program. This program will not be able to fix all the signals, but Seattle Neighborhood Greenways will track every signal that is reported and keep advocating that the city fix them.

1.Go to

2.Click the X. Click Pedestrian Crossing. Click “submit your idea!”

3.Pick the problematic intersection on the map or type in the address. Describe what’s wrong. For example: “People get stranded in the crosswalk when the light changes,” “it takes too long to get the walk light,” or “this intersection requires me to push a beg button”.

4.Click “report it.”

Thank you!

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What signal are we sending people who walk and roll?

What signal are we sending people who walk and roll?