Lake City Greenways

Lake City Greenways is a group of neighbors like you who are working to make their streets safer and more comfortable for everybody.

The best way to receive updates or get involved with our community group is to join our Google Group. Welcome!

You can also follow us online:

Facebook: Lake City Greenways


Lake City News:

A lot of you are as plugged-in as you want to be to what’s going on in Lake City, but it still happens on a regular basis that people attending a community meeting will ask how they can be kept abreast of events and issues. Many Lake City groups are trying to disseminate timely information. Here are some of them:



Lake City LARCH 2013Students plans & visions for Lake City from the UW/LA Winter 2013 Neighborhood Design Studio.

Lake City is on the cusp of a major transformation through redevelopment of centrally-located properties owned by the Pierre family–many of them car lots. The community has had the benefit of broad and deep studies by UW classes in Community, Environment and Planning.

The first study looked at all of Lake City. The second focuses mainly on the numerous Pierre properties and offers a toolkit of ideas and resources.

Lake City, Seattle: Analysis and Observations (link)

Lake City Visioning Toolkit (link)

Safe healthy streets in Lake City!  UW Students release Little Brook Study (Lake City Live 3/12/13) 

Click on the image to read the complete report!


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