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The Mayor’s budget should reflect our shared values.

We are working with the Seattle Solidarity Budget Coalition to pass the #BudgettoLive #BudgettoThrive which includes 3 critical transportation priorities:

  • Keep the traffic enforcement division in SDOT, don’t move it back to SPD.
  • Ensure that 100% of the revenue from automatic camera enforcement is re-invested into safe streets projects.
  • Maintain increases in funding for Vision Zero.

Join us!
- Give public comment at the Budget Committee Meeting Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 9:30am or on Nov. 15 at 5pm -- virtually or in person at City Hall.
- Send an email to City Council
- Spread the word!

Solidarity Budget 2023: bit.ly/3S1QryM

Learn more: Twitter | Instagram

Solidarity Budget

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