Green Lake

We support safe and pleasant routes for children and adults to walk, bike, take the bus and drive in the Green Lake neighborhood.

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Scouting Route of Green Lake to Lake Union Trail

Green Lake Greenways Kick-Off meeting 5-28-1

Solid Green: Completed greenway (Label: “Completed”, 100% opacity, 10pt line)

Translucent Green: Greenways funded/under construction (Label: “In progress”, 45% opacity, 10pt line)
Red: Priority 1 greenway to build next (Label:”P1″, 45% opacity, 10pt line)
Red Pin: Priority 1 intersection treatments to build next (Labeled “P1″)
Narrow Purple Lines: Potential Greenway Routes (subject to change and duplication, 45% opacity, 5 pt)
Purple Points: Potential Greenway intersection treatments
Wide Blue Lines: Cycle tracks and other expensive infrastructure (45% opacity, 10pt line)

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