Maple Leaf

Meeting June 5 2014  Watershed Pub & Kitchen 10104 3rd Ave NE

Purpose of meeting:

To form a Licton Springs or North-Central Greenways group (that could include Maple Leaf, Licton Springs, Pinehurst, Haller Lake)


1. Seattle Schools is currently planning to construct a new elementary school and a new middle school (total enrollment 1,500-1,700) to open in 2017 in the center of Licton Springs neighborhood, between 90th and 92nd, and Stone Way and Wallingford.  The middle school will have a large tributary area including adjacent neighborhoods. The kids are going to need better pedestrian & bike access. Especially difficult: crossing 85th, Aurora, 105th, and I-5.

2. Bicycle access to North Seattle Community College is poor, especially from the south

3. This area needs better bicycle/greenway planning –the Seattle Bicycle Master Plan does not adequately address all of the area’s needs, especially in view of the above 2 new schools

4. All of the above adds importance to creating a link across I-5

Agenda of meeting:

An informal get-together to discuss formation of the initiative and next steps 


The 2 New schools:

Attached is an extract of the relevant portions  of Seattle Public School’s presentation at a May 13 community meeting. More info can be found at: and at


Google Group: maple-leaf-greenways


Build your city with streets that give all ages safe transportation and recreation choices.

Meetings: 2nd Wednesdays of every month Maple Leaf Grill

Contact: Joshua.r.newman (at)

Solid Green: Completed greenway (Label: “Completed”, 100% opacity, 10pt line)
Translucent Green: Greenways funded/under construction (Label: “In progress”, 45% opacity, 10pt line)
Red: Priority 1 greenway to build next (Label:”P1″, 45% opacity, 10pt line)
Red Pin: Priority 1 intersection treatments to build next (Labeled “P1”)
Narrow Purple Lines: Potential Greenway Routes (subject to change and duplication, 45% opacity, 5 pt)
Purple Points: Potential Greenway intersection treatments
Wide Blue Lines: Cycle tracks and other expensive infrastructure (45% opacity, 10pt line)

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