Since 2011, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, and its coalition of 16 neighborhood-based, volunteer-led chapters, has empowered communities to reclaim Seattle’s streets so that they are welcoming and full of life. For everyone — old or young, poor or well off, regardless of how they get around.


Year In Review: A Safe Streets Takeover, Born Out Of Love

Our Mission

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways organizes and mobilizes people to make every neighborhood a great place to walk, bike and live.

Our Vision

Every neighborhood is a great place to walk, bike and live.

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways envisions a future where Seattle’s streets unite neighborhoods and connect people to where they need to go. Walking and biking are convenient, safe, comfortable, and even joyful. Children are able to walk and bike to school and to parks. Seniors are able to stay active and connected by walking and biking. Seattle’s streets — one fourth of our total land as a city — incorporate neighborhood priorities for play, relaxation, recreation, greenery, and community-building. The streets and transportation systems are truly accessible and welcoming, and reflect the needs of people of every age, language, ethnicity, gender, race, ability, and level of wealth. Achieving this vision will give us more choices for how to get around, keep us safer, save us money, and reduce climate pollution.

Does your name mean you only work on neighborhood greenways?

No. Our earliest win gave us our name: we provided the vision, community outreach, and momentum that led city leaders to incorporate neighborhood greenways — traffic-calmed streets that are safer for walking and biking — into Seattle’s Bicycle Master Plan. From there, we embarked on a multi-neighborhood listening effort to discover what mattered most to communities across the city and build our grassroots power, and expanded our scope to making neighborhoods great places to walk, bike, and live.

How we work

Learn more about how our coalition is set up, our theory of change, vision, mission, and goals in our continually evolving Operating Document.

There are many ways to contribute to this exciting and effective grassroots movement, including with your time, energy, and creativity!

Our Racial Equity Commitment

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is dedicated to a vision in which every neighborhood in Seattle is a great place to walk, bike, and live. Great places reflect the needs of all people, and lift up their values and culture, because they are co-created by people of every race, age, language, ethnicity, gender, ability, and level of wealth.

Because of Seattle’s history of discrimination and prejudices against people of non-European descent, we prioritize addressing these injustices. We seek participation of people of color as group members, leaders, staff, and partners. We welcome and embrace the diversity of experiences and knowledge of everyone in our city, particularly with regard to race, ethnicity, culture, socio-economic background, gender, sexual orientation, age, and physical ability.

Internally, SNG is committed to becoming a racially, culturally, and socially diverse organization that treats all people with respect and dignity and recognizes the interconnected nature of overlapping systems of oppression and discrimination. Externally, SNG strives to redress the historical and systemically-rooted inequities in transportation and city investments. We endeavor to do this work in solidarity with communities of color as a trustworthy and respectful partner.

Staff and Board

We have a small staff and board who focus on citywide operations as well as stay involved at the local level.

Contact Us

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways
111 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98104