Why We Named Our Newsletter "Intersections"—And What It Says About Us

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is at its heart a crowd-sourced organization. We have crowd-sourced maps, support events that rely on crowd-sourced knowledge such as Silly Hilly, the Wonkathon and the upcoming Rackathon. What then could be more natural than to turn to our community of local leaders to brainstorm names for our newsletter? Our knowledgeable crowd quickly came to bat with a flurry of ideas and insights. Jawarra of Rainier Valley Greenways suggested "The Daily Peddler" because it could refer to both walking and biking as it pertains “to a foot or the feet” or is "of or pertaining to a pedal or pedals." Phyllis, also from Rainier Valley Greenways, was drawn to the “green” nature of neighborhood greenways, suggesting “The Green Path." “Our environmental goal,” she wrote, “is a sustainable world where nature and human society co-exist in harmony.” The group came together around the idea of “intersections,” with Brie of Central Greenways excited about “the many intersections — actual physical intersections, social intersections, political intersections, intersections of transportation alternatives, etc, that are related to greenways.” Susan, of Rainier Valley Greenways agreed, saying “it connects so nicely with both pedestrians and bicyclists and subtly points to the intersectionality, or integrated nature, of our work.” This is just a sampling of the conversation, but it shows what thoughtful, intelligent, and action-oriented people we have in our greenways movement. It is these people, all over the region who have the passion, the vision, the sense of civic responsibility, and the collective will to create a safe, healthy, green, thriving place for people. And so we present to you, the first edition of “Intersections.” In it we will highlight a few of the many greenways success stories, as well as keep you up to date on our latest news, campaigns, and events.   See you on the greenways!   Cathy Tuttle Executive Director