Exciting projects pass East District Council

E District 2015 NPSF Click the map to zoom in Wow! Of the seven grants submitted by neighborhood greenway groups or their allies to Seattle's Neighborhood Park and Street Fund six were prioritized by the East District Council for further review. Here they are in order or priority:
  1. Lake Washington Loop Greenway segment design was requested by Jerry Fulks of Arboretum for Safer Streets, a group affiliated with Madison Park Greenways.
  2. E Denny Way and 12th Ave E pedestrian crossing safety improvements was submitted by Ally Seidel of Central Seattle Greenways.
  3. Melrose/Minor/Pike pedestrian safety improvements as part of the Melrose Promenade project were requested by Mike Kent Promenade Advisory Council, a group associated with Central Seattle Greenways.
  4. E Harrison St and 37th Ave E pedestrian intersection safety design process was proposed by Bob Minnott of Denny Blaine Neighbors for Safer Strets, a group associated with Madison Park Greenways.
  5. Madison and Minor sidewalk repairs was submitted by Jim Erickson of the First Hill Improvement Association, which is part of the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways coalition.
  6. E Lynn and E. McGraw curb bulbs were requested by Kathleen Laughman of the Montlake Community Club, which works closely with Montlake Greenways.