Act Now to support walk/bike/transit in this year's City Budget!

The City of Seattle is facing a major budget shortfall for next year. Yet the Mayor has proposed a severe austerity budget, with $21.5 million cut from walking and biking projects alone, that will not help people, help the City recover, or move us towards our City goals. 

The 2021 budget cuts are too deep. We’re asking the City Council to reject austerity and invest more in walking, biking, and transit to align our city budget with Seattle's values.

Act now to ask City Council to support these priorities, and join us on Thursday, October 27 at 5:30 pm at the City Council virtual public budget hearing.

As we face the deepest recession since the Great Depression, austerity is not the answer. People are relying on the government more than ever, and Seattle’s economic recovery depends on increasing public services and investment, not cutting them.

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, along with the rest of the Move All Seattle Sustainably (MASS) Coalition, have drafted a set of 2021 City Budget AsksClick here to send a letter of support to City Council!

MASS supports the #SolidarityBudget and makes the following requests specific to equitable and climate-friendly transportation:

  • Georgetown to South Park Trail: Fund this vital connection for construction in 2021 for communities that have been bearing the brunt of West Seattle Bridge overflow traffic.

  • Sidewalk repair in Rainier Ave corridor: Reverse the decision to cut sidewalk improvements from the Rapid Ride 7 plans.

  • RapidRide Program: Stem the continued budget cuts to the RapidRide Program and citywide network of dedicated bus lanes. Making transit rapid, reliable, and efficient is essential to accomplishing the shift to a sustainable transportation system.

  • Seattle Green New Deal: Adequately fund the staff and resources needed for Seattle to advance the Green New Deal.

Act now to ask City Council to support these priorities by sending a letter to the Seattle City Council.

A group of people protesting. A black woman with long hair stands front right with a megaphone. People behind her hold signs in support of Rainier Ave Safety.

Recognizing that there are many vital demands on a limited budget this year, we propose that funds for these projects be shifted away from other budgets that do not align with our city's stated priorities. Decrease funding for Intelligent Transportation System funds (ITS signals) which more than doubled in the 2021 budget, and other car-focused budgets that were not reduced proportionately to other programs.

We also recognize that new funds are badly needed, and ask that the City explore possible new revenue sources in the coming year specifically for transportation.

Transportation remains Seattle’s top source of carbon pollution. Curbing transportation emissions means investing in walking, biking, and transit.

Act now to ask City Council to support these priorities, and get involved in Seattle Neighborhood Greenways by volunteering with us or donating to support our work. 

Thank you for your continued advocacy!   Clara Cantor she/her Community Organizer Seattle Neighborhood Greenways Website - Twitter - Facebook