What we're doing this year


Last year was an exciting year for our people-powered coalition — we accomplished a lot together! There is a lot going on this year from crafting Seattle’s next transportation plan, to getting Vision Zero back on track, to making progress towards a more equitable city. With your help, this year we will make strides in these key areas:


Mobility Justice:

Laws and policies that impact Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) communities have long been drafted and passed without our input. Consequently, the people who have been most harmed by many policies governing our transportation system are BIPOC. Our all-BIPOC workgroup, Whose Streets? Our Streets! approaches issues around transportation and traffic enforcement with a pro-equity, anti-racist framework directs our mobility justice work towards a vision of how our city and our streets can be safe, thriving places without the use of armed police. This year, we will shape a more equitable automated enforcement program, seek to reform parking enforcement, support housing for all efforts, and state level policy reforms

Safety and Accessibility

Vision Zero:

Too many people are killed by traffic violence on our streets, and victims of disproportionately elders, people of color, and those with disabilities, low incomes, or currently experiencing homelessness. We will continue pushing the city towards a vision where everyone can get home to their loved ones safely. Our local groups will advocate to fix the most dangerous streets in the city including Aurora Ave, MLK Way S, Rainier Ave S, and many streets in SODO. We will also push the city to rapidly implement life saving solutions like no-right on red, improving visibility at intersections, and adding traffic calming on arterials — see more in our manifesto


Seattle needs a connected network of safe & convenient streets to bike on — protected from traffic and comfortable enough for most riders, of all ages, languages, ethnicities, genders, races and abilities (#ALEGRA), to feel safe on — not just disconnected pieces here and there. We will be organizing in neighborhoods around Seattle to close key gaps in Beacon Hill, the Rainier Valley, Downtown, Georgetown, and South Park. We will also be working to phase out floppy plastic posts, and upgrade every bike lane in Seattle with real protection


Places For People:

In addition to helping us get where we need to go, our streets can be thriving places that build community and support local economies. Building off the success of making cafe streets permanent, we will look to create more streets for people in 2023, and work towards solutions like pedestrian only streets, stay healthy streets like Lake Washington Boulevard, and superblocks. We will also continue our work on creating a 15 Minute City,  where everyone can afford to live in a place that has access to their daily needs within a short walk, by supporting smart and equitable housing and land use policies. 

Systemic Change:

We’re also pushing for systemic shifts in the way we plan for and fund our city by pushing for equity, safety, and sustainability in Seattle’s long-term planning efforts like the Seattle Transportation Plan and Comprehensive Plan. We work collaboratively as a member of the Seattle Solidarity Budget coalition to push for a budget that aligns with our values and allows everyone in Seattle to live and thrive.

We truly are a people powered movement, and your support, donations, and volunteering really makes a difference — thank you!