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Bike Everywhere Day -- and Month!

A mixed group of people with bikes stands in front of the Chinatown Arch in Seattle, smiling and waving.May is Bike Month!

Get outside and enjoy the spring sunshine, whether you're riding your bike with your kids to the park or commuting across town to and from work. Join Seattle Neighborhood Greenways local chapters from across the city on Bike Everywhere Day, Friday, May 17, by stopping at our Celebration Stations to pick up free snacks and swag and learn about local neighborhood efforts to make our …

Hear from Seattle City Council Candidates on Transportation, Housing, and Sustainability

A row of people on bicycles in a protected lane share the street with a King County Metrobus.There are currently 58 candidates for Seattle City Council.

Are you overwhelmed, and looking for a candidate in your district that aligns with your values? Look no further!

  SNG, the MASS Coalition, and allies are hosting candidate forums in five of the seven Seattle City Council districts this month. We'll hear from candidates as they answer questions about the biggest issues facing our city: transportation, housing, reducing carbon …

SNG's Electric Scooter Share Policy Statement

Electric Scooter Share Policy Statement March 2019

  Seattle Neighborhood Greenways supports options for people to get around our community safely, comfortably, conveniently and sustainably. To meet this need, foot-scooters are one tool that the City of Seattle should pilot. Scooters can help provide first/last mile connection to transit and a pollution-free short distance transportation option. We have heard valid concerns that this new technology could make our sidewalks less …