Ready for Safe Routes to Sound Transit?

August 4, 2017 by Cathy Tuttle What do the new Sound Transit Link light rail stations opening in 2021 in Northgate, Roosevelt, and Brooklyn have in common? All three have active coalitions of local groups dedicated to getting safe routes for people who want to walk or bike to transit. #Fix65th Coalition Calls for Roosevelt Station Access #Fix65th Coalition Calls for Roosevelt Station Access Safety All of these community coalitions are meeting with SDOT, Metro, Sound Transit and other agencies to make sure access for people who walk and bike is front and center at the new Sound Transit stations. Seattle Council Member Rob Johnson has been a strong ally for all of these coalitions. UGreenways Hosted Meetings for Walk/Bike Brooklyn Link UGreenways Hosts Early Meetings for Brooklyn Link Access As their August 9 public meeting, Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board will tour the three new Link stations. A separate community tour of the University/Brooklyn Station is planned soon. Stay tuned and get involved! Want to support work like this? Volunteer and donate:
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Northgate Station Proposed Walk/Bike Access Routes