Lake City Greenways Directly Benefits from UW Student Work

So much student work is about theories and bold ideas that unfortunately never leave the printed page. Click here to learn more about ALL UW student projects for the Lake City class. Click here to learn more the UW student class projects for Lake City. So it is satisfying for students, and a win for everyone when bold ideas are put into practice. The newly opened Olympic Hills Greenway pulled design ideas directly from a 2013 UW class that Seattle Neighborhood Greenways helped to develop. Future traffic safety and design work along Lake City Way N and in the Lake City neighborhood is sure to use this extensive research as well. With the Lake City Greenways group as the initiating stakeholder for UW Landscape Architecture's Neighborhood Design Studio studio, 16 students (from landscape architecture, urban design and planning, and architecture) learned about Lake City and envisioned its potentials as a healthier neighborhood. Landscape Architecture Associate Professor Julie Johnson led the students through a participatory design process, such that the students gained insights about the varied places and needs of this neighborhood, as well as their own design responses, through community interactions. Lake City Greenways leaders gave students an overview and led walking tours. Students facilitated small group discussions, did youth workshops, and surveys. All of this student work is collected in this on-line book.