#Party4OurStreets Program: 2014 Nominees for Greenways Awards


#Party4OurStreets Thursday Dec 11. Join the Fun!

2014 #Party4OurStreets 12-11-14

5:00 Doors Open, 6:00 Dinner, 6:45 Raffle,

7:00 Awards Ceremony, 7:40 Cake


2014 Greenways Awards

  The Fact-Finding Award The person or group that has done the most impactful research, on-the-ground scouting, mapping, or other data collection to inform safe streets projects.
  • Silly Hilly Group: Montlake Greenways, Cascade Bicycle Club, Central Seattle Greenways, Madison Park Greenways, McKayla Dunfey, Merlin Rainwater, Lionel Job, Bob Edmiston, Brie Gyncild, Dennis Shaw, Brian Connolly, and Madi Carlson.
  • Right of Way Improvement Manual: Barbara Gordon, Bob Edmiston, Brock Howell, David Goldberg, Fred Young, Jeff Aken, Jodi Connolly, Lauren Squires, Lydia Heard, Mark Ostrow, Robin Randels, Seth Geiser, Sue Costa, Timothy Shaw.
  • Bicycle Master Plan update: SDOT, Alta Planning, SvR Design, Councilmember Tom Rasmussen, Mayor Ed Murray, Peter Hahn, Becca Deehr, former Mayor Mike McGinn & every Seattle Neighborhood Greenways local group, Sara Zora, Kevin O’Neill, Bob Edmiston, Councilmember Sally Bagshaw, the Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board, and Chad Lynch.
  • Evaluation of Neighborhood Greenways: Seattle Neighborhood Greenways’ Bob Edmiston, Mark Ostrow, and Raezel Arca and SDOT’s Emily Ehlers, Dawn Schellenberg, and Ross McFarland.
  • Greenways Safe Routes to School Mapping Team: Casey Gifford, Bob Edmiston, Alon Bassok, Peter Schmiedeskamp, Jeff Linn, Drew Redmond, Laura Strauss, Isaiah Mathieu, Wendy Gable Collins, Becca Aue, Caitlin Kehoe, Josh Kawinski (REI Foundation).
  The Amazing Advocacy Award Best advocacy campaign or leadership by a group or individual.
  • Seattle Sunday Parkways: Councilmember Sally Bagshaw, Mayor Ed Murray, Andrew Glass-Hastings, Mark Ostrow, Bob Edmiston, PBOT Active Transportation & many others
  • Ballard Greenways Policy Ride: Andrew Natzel, Barbara Swatt, Bob Hall, Chris Saleeba, Ellen Butzel, Jennifer Litowski, Mark Ruebel, Michael Wolf, Mike Hale, Robin Randels, Selena Carsiotis, Steven Redpath
  • City Budget Advocates: Barbara Gordon and Hank, Beth Mondzac, Bob Hall, Brie Gyncild, Deb Salls, Don Brubeck, Eldan Goldenberg, Ellen Butzel, Ian Eisenberg, John O’Neil, Julee Neuhart, Justin Martin, Kari Olson, Kathy Dunn, Kevin Lugo, Lionel Job, Lydia Heard, Megan Horst, Merlin Rainwater, Michael Herschensohn, Mike Perfetti, Robin Randels, Selena Carsiotis, Silas Bean, Susan Gleason, and Suzi Zook.
  Memorial Walk and Ride Recognition We want to recognize all the individuals who have made significant contributions of time and energy to creating healing and impactful Memorial Walks or Rides and Solution Meetings to honor families and mobilize for safer streets.
  • Caleb Shoop Memorial Walk: Glen Buhlman, Caron LeMay, Tammy & Ben Shoop, and Janine Blaeloch.
  • Sandhya Khadka Memorial: Renee Staton, Shraddha Kakshapati, and Wirtu Kakshapati.
  • James St. Clair Memorial Walk: Deb Vandermar, Shukri Olow, Gene Tagaban, and Odin Lonning.
  • Rebecca Scollard Memorial Walk: Merlin Rainwater, First Hill Improvement Association, WHEEL\Women in Black, Feet First, Brigid Hagan, Skyline at First Hill, and Harborview Medical Center.
  • Sher Kung Memorial Ride: Jake Vanderplas and Brock Howell.
  • Zeytuna Edo Vigil Walk: Phyllis Porter, Deb Salls, Mayor Ed Murray, Councilmember Bruce Harrell, Abdul Yusef, and Mohammed Arden.
  • Original Artwork for Memorial Walks: Karen Stocker.
  Community Builder Award Person or group who has done the most to bring diverse communities together.
  • Beacon BIKES. Ryan Harrison, Christine Cole, Devor Barton and many others for extensive outreach to El Centro de la Raza and the Beacon Food Forest.
  • Rainier Valley Greenways: Deb Salls, Devor Barton, Jawara O’Connor, Lauren Squires, Phyllis Porter, Susan Gleason, Alexandra Stone, Sue Abbott & many others for extensive outreach.
  • Lake City Greenways: Janine Blaeloch, Ruth Anderson, Muriel Lawty, and Victoria Moceri for outreach work in Little Brook, Olympic Hills, turning a car-centric area into a place for people.
  The Wendy Award The person or group that has done the most to encourage new people to walk, bike on, and love our shared streets.
  • Alison Campbell Schwartz: Rainier Vista safety education.
  • Merlin Rainwater: S.L.O.W. (Senior Ladies on Wheels) rides.
  • Seattle Family Biking: Facebook page & events. Tasha Walston, Madi Carlson, Davey Oil, Sara Daum Fowle, Barbara Gordon, Morgan Scherer, Robin Randels, Suzi Zook, Maritess Zurbano, Shirley Savel, Brad Hawkins, Jalair Box, Reb Roush, Forrest Baum, Jason Kiker, and many more.
  • Critical Lass / CycloFemme / Kidical Mass: Madi Carlson, Morgan Scherer, Robin Randels, Barbara Gordon, and Jennifer Litowski.
  • West Seattle Bike Connections: Summer Streets Bike Rodeos. Kathy Dunn, Maddie Dunn, Al Jackson, Theresa Beaulieu, Bob Winship, Jay Guettler, and Don Brubeck.
  Exemplary Street Experiment The person or group who tested a creative new idea in our streets.
  • 15th Ave NE PARK(ing) Day: Andres Salomon, Bob Edmiston, Brent W. Curtis, Chris Mealy, Convoy Coffee, Jeff Dubrule, Kenneth Trease, Knox Gardner, Kristin Fitzsimmons, Max Taran, Mika Matsuzak, Sage Ross, and Sander Lazar.
  • Rainier Valley Greenways Pop-Up Protected Bike Lane and Neighborhood Greenway: Deb Salls, Lauren Squires, Phyllis Porter, Lara Normand, Susan Gleason, Robin Randels, Alex Stone, Sue Abbott
  • West Seattle Piano Crosswalk: Anonymous
  • Dorffel Drive Experiment & Report: Bob Edmiston, Bob Minnott, Mary Virelli, Alice Lanczos, Dongho Chang
   Outstanding New Infrastructure Award This award goes to the people that helped create the most outstanding all ages and abilities friendly infrastructure.
  • 2nd Avenue Protected Bike Lane & Signals: Mayor Ed Murray, Scott Kubly, Dongho Chang, Kristen Simpson, Sandra Woods, SDOT construction team, and SDOT walk/bike team.
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital Greenways and Burke Gilman Connections: Paulo Nunes-Ueno.
  • Olympic Hills Greenway: Brian Dougherty, Dawn Schellenberg. Emily Ehlers, Janine Blaeloch and Lake City Greenways.
  Innovation Award A project, program, or idea that pushes the leading edge of safe streets in Seattle.
  • Play Streets: Jennifer Wieland.
  • Rackathon: Brock Howell and Bob Edmiston.
  • Bollard Curb Extension: Dongho Chang.
   Most Improved Greenways Group The local group that has grown or improved the most in the past year, from zero to 20 mph.
  • Licton-Haller Greenways: Lee Bruch, Megan Horst, Christian Rusby, Suzi Zook, National Park Service, Alexandra Stone, and Sue Abbott.
  • University Greenways: Drew Dresman, Forrest Baum, Dave Rodgers, Megan Horst, Scott Bonjukian, Max Taran, Jacob Struiksma, and Andres Salomon, with re-launch help from Bob Edmiston.
  • Queen Anne Greenways: Michael Herschensohn, Mark Ostrow, Bill and Jody Lemke.
  • First Hill Improvement Association: Mary Ellen Hudgins, Alex Hudson, Jim Erickson, and Kendall Baker.
  Public Servant Award The public official who has most advanced the cause of safe streets in Seattle.
  • Dongho Chang
  • Jim Curtin
  • Councilmember Mike O’Brien
  • Councilmember Sally Bagshaw
  • Bill LaBorde
  Greenways Champion The individual who has most advanced the cause of safe streets in Seattle.
  • Janine Blaeloch
  • Andres Salomon
  • Bob Edmiston
  • Tom Fucoloro
  • Merlin Rainwater

#Party4OurStreets Donors and Volunteers

  Food & Drink: Fremont Brewing, Ninkasi Brewing, Hilliard’s Brewery, Puget Consumer’s Coop, Grand Central Bakery, QFC Necessities: Bike Works Bike Racks, Chef Emma Notkin Exceptional Volunteers: Madi Carlson, Joni Ross, Robin Randels (Cascade Bicycle Club), Selena Carsiotis, Jeff Linn, Don Brubeck, Jawara O’Connor, Tom Fucoloro, Bob Edmiston, Merlin Rainwater, Forrest Baum, Alice Lanczos, Michael Herschensohn, Akiva Notkin, Lev Klarnet, Anne Fote, Karen Stocker, Lauren Squires, Brie Gynclid, Ally Siedel, Dave Rodgers SNG staff at this event: Cathy Tuttle, Gordon Padelford, Natalie Lubsen, Phyllis Porter, Amanda Dessert       Donate: http://bit.ly/1seDogF Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1zl723Z Get involved: www.seattlegreenways.org/get-involved/join-us/