2014 SNG Fact-Finding Award Goes to BMP Update

Bicycle Master Plan Update meeting at Gould Hall 2014 @SNG photo Bicycle Master Plan Update meeting at Gould Hall 2014 @SNG photo What took thousands of hours of volunteer, City, and consultant time? It is difficult to imagine a more dedicated fact-finding effort than the update of the Seattle Bicycle Master Plan in 2014. Kudos to Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), Alta Planning & Design, SvR Design, Councilmembers Tom Rasmussen and Sally Bagshaw as well as the rest of City Council that unanimously passed the plan, Mayor Ed Murray, SDOT staff Sara Zora, Kevin O’Neill and Chad Lynch, the Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board, former SDOT Director Peter Hahn, former Mayor Mike Mike McGinn and his transportation advisor  Becca Deehr & every Seattle Neighborhood Greenways local group that dedicated hours to identifying and advocating for nearly half of the miles of bike infrastructure proposed in the BMP update. Honorable Mentions are also in order for The person or group that has done the most impactful research, on-the-ground scouting, mapping, or other data collection to inform safe streets projects.
  • Silly Hilly Group: Montlake Greenways, Cascade Bicycle Club, Central Seattle Greenways, Madison Park Greenways, McKayla Dunfey, Merlin Rainwater, Lionel Job, Bob Edmiston, Brie Gyncild, Dennis Shaw, Brian Connolly, and Madi Carlson.
  • Right of Way Improvement Manual review group: Barbara Gordon, Bob Edmiston, Brock Howell, David Goldberg, Fred Young, Jeff Aken, Jodi Connolly, Lauren Squires, Lydia Heard, Mark Ostrow, Robin Randels, Seth Geiser, Sue Costa, Timothy Shaw.
  • Evaluation of Neighborhood Greenways: Seattle Neighborhood Greenways’ Bob Edmiston, Mark Ostrow, and Raezel Arca and SDOT’s Emily Ehlers, Dawn Schellenberg, and Ross McFarland.
  • Greenways Safe Routes to School Mapping Team: Casey Gifford, Bob Edmiston, Alon Bassok, Peter Schmiedeskamp, Jeff Linn, Drew Redmond, Laura Strauss, Isaiah Mathieu, Wendy Gable Collins, Becca Aue, Caitlin Kehoe, Josh Kawinski (REI Foundation).