Spoke & Food Was A Great Success!

Spoke & Food Founder Heather Sletteback with son Jordon Spoke & Food Founder Heather Sletteback with son Jordon While they were courting, Heather & Garett Sletteback discovered that riding their bicycles together as they went out for dinner was one of their favorite activities. The Sletteback's turned their passion into an annual fundraiser and "friend-raiser" for one lucky beneficiary each year. This year, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways was the lucky organization supported by Spoke & Food! KING5 Lori Matsukawa introduces Natalie Swaby Spoke & Food story Click here to see KING5 Lori Matsukawa / Natalie Swaby Spoke & Food story Between local Seattle Neighborhood Greenways volunteers who acted as hosts, 12 restaurants around Seattle (most donated 20% of their evening's take), group ride leaders, and a whole community who turned out to support Seattle Neighborhood Greenways and our work for Vision Zero and safe streets, we can say without a doubt that we agree with Heather & Garett, that Spoke & Food is a most excellent summer activity! King-5 reported on Spoke & Food and our safe streets advocacy. Enjoy some highlights from other locations around the city in the photos below. SpokeandFood 7-28-15 Lucia w Barbara Gordon & Glen Buhlman Barbara Gordon (Lake Union Greenways) & Glen Buhlman (Green Lake Greenways) at Lucia SpokeandFood 7-28-15 Barking Dog w Ellen Butzel & Jamee Ashburn Ellen Butzel & Jamee Ashburn (Ballard Greenways) at Barking Dog SpokeandFood 7-28-15 Razzis w Justin Martin & Drew Dresman Justin Martin (Greenwood Phinney Greenways) & Drew Dresman (University Greenways) at Razzi's Pizza SpokeandFood 7-28-15 Jack from Lucia & Lee Bruch Lucia Greenlake owner Jack & Lee Bruch (Licton Haller Greenways) SpokeandFood 7-28-15 Watershed w Janine Blaeloch Janine Blaeloch (Lake City Greenways) at Watershed SpokeandFood 7-28-15 Canterbury w Bob Edmiston & Brie Gyncild Bob Edmiston (Madison Park Greenways) & Brie Gyncild (Central Seattle Greenways) at Canterbury SpokeandFood 7-28-15 Flying Squirrel w Phyllis Porter & Lauren Squires Phyllis Porter & Lauren Squires (Rainier Valley Greenways) at Flying Squirrel SpokeandFood 7-28-15 Fremont Brewing w Madi Carlson Madi Carlson (Wallingford Greenways/FamilyRide) at Fremont Brewing SpokeandFood 7-28-15 Westy w Bryan Fiedorczyk Bryan Fiedorczyk (Sustainable West Seattle) at The Westy SpokeandFood 7-28-15 at Proletariat w Don Brubeck Don Brubeck (West Seattle Bike Connections) and the staff of Proletariat Pizza SpokeandFood 7-28-15 Vios w Catherine Hennings Anna Bershteyn and Andres Salomon Catherine Hennings (Lake Union Greenways) Anna Bershteyn & Andres Salomon (NE Seattle Greenways) at Vios