Trick or Treat with Play Streets

Gordon Padelford September 30, 2015 At Halloween, the only scary thing should be the costumes - not kids dodging cars. Luckily, it is easy to turn your block into an oasis where kids and parents can walk, Trick or Treat, and play without fear. Turn your street into a Play Street for Halloween, or set up a recurring event where kids can safely play in the street and cars aren't allowed to cut through (access for people living on the block is still maintained). Some parents on Capitol Hill loved doing this last year - how about your block this year? It's free, fast, and easy for anyone to do, as can be seen by how many have sprung up across the City. Learn more and apply today! The City needs 14 days to process your application, so start soon. Photo courtesy @PhinneyWood blog Photo courtesy @PhinneyWood blog Play Streets are very popular Play Streets are very popular