Fund Safe Streets for All Neighborhoods

Community Coalition Launches Seattle Neighbors for Vision Zero www.VisionZeroSeaAll of our streets should be safe and comfortable places where all people can walk, bike, run, walk dogs, and push strollers. Unfortunately, we have not reached that vision yet. Every year 150 people in Seattle suffer life altering injuries and 20 people are killed in traffic collisions. But it doesn't have to be that way. A budget increase of $3 million will allow the underfunded Vision Zero program to implement safety improvements across the city and begin to fix our dangerous streets like Rainier Ave S, NE 65th, Lake City Way, Greenwood Ave N, and 12th Ave. Here is our budget proposal. An additional $3 million will also give SDOT the funds to begin to work down a backlog of 300 community identified safety projects and 100 SDOT identified Vision Zero projects including crosswalks and traffic calming. Call your City Councilmembers right now, and ask that they "increase funding for Vision Zero"!

Citywide - Tim Burgess: 206.684.8806 | Citywide - Lorena González: 206.684.8802 | District 1 (West Seattle) - Lisa Herbold: 206.684.8803 | District 2 (Rainier/Beacon) - Bruce Harrell: 206.684.8804 | District 3 (Central Distrct/Capitol Hill) Kshama Sawant: 206.684.8016 | District 4 (NE Seattle) Rob Johnson: 206.684.8808 | District 5 (Lake City, Haller Lake) - Debora Juarez: 206.684.8805 | District 6 (Ballard, Greenlake) - Mike O’Brien: 206.684.8800 | District 7 (Downtown, Queen Anne) - Sally Bagshaw: 206.684.8801 |

After you have called your Councilmembers, please sign the petition below.  Thank you for making our streets safe for everyone to get around!