Three wins for people walking and biking

Some of the Basic Bike Network supporters at City Council on July 30 What a Monday! On Monday, July 30 at Seattle City Council passed three exciting pieces of legislation:
  1. The Seattle City Council unanimously voted today in favor of building major pieces of the basic bike network. Thanks to this vote you and your loved ones will have safe, protected routes to bike into and through downtown Seattle from the north, south, and east (2nd Ave to Westlake, Dearborn, and Broadway) by the end of next year. Read more. BasicBikeNetworkMap-Resolution-Emphasis
  2. The Council also voted unanimously to require SDOT to improve walking and biking conditions in the Delridge neighborhood as part of the Delridge Way Multimodal Corridor Project. Read more.Potential Delridge bike network compromise
  3. The Council also voted unanimously to pass an expansion of the privately funded bike share program with a focus on equity and reducing the number of bikes blocking sidewalks. Read more.

29623886668_bf81942d60_oAppreciate these wins? Support our work so we can keep this momentum going.