Why SNG is Endorsing 1631 the Clear Air Initiative

As you may have heard, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways has endorsed 1631 the Clean Air, Clean Energy initiativeVolunteer to help pass this exciting measure. 

Transportation by vehicles is the leading source of Seattle’s contribution to climate change, accounting for two-thirds of our greenhouse-gas emissions. The terrible smoke that we all choked on this past summer and the recent International Panel on Climate Change report remind us of the urgent need to act now to reduce our emissions.
Clean air and a stable climate for our families and future generations is one reason many of us, myself included, are dedicated to this work of transforming our streets and transportation system. And this initiative will not only put Washington on a path towards a stable climate, it will invest in clean transportation projects here in Seattle. You may have heard some of the $32 million worth of negative ads from the big oil companies (the most money spent on any Washington initiative in history), but don't buy them. Instead check out this list of Frequently Asked Questions. We don't have $32 million to spend on ads, but we do have passionate people like you and me who care about our future, so please consider volunteering in the final days of this important race. Lastly, don't forget to vote — it's going to be very close! Thanks for all that you do, Gordon in pollution mask Gordon Padelford
Executive Director
Seattle Neighborhood Greenways