Act Now to Influence the Seattle Transportation Plan!

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Take SDOT’s survey to influence the new Seattle Transportation Plan!

The Seattle Dept. of Transportation (SDOT) just launched the first of two rounds of community engagement. Two ways to give input: 
  • Take the survey to share your priorities and challenges when navigating Seattle. Pro tip: Take the full survey – the last page has great questions! 
  • Add pins to the interactive map to highlight gaps in our bike network and places you have trouble getting around as a pedestrian. You can also provide ideas to improve transit, and other changes you envision for the future of our city.
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What is the Seattle Transportation Plan?

This plan will guide transportation planning and implementation for the next decade. It updates and combines the city’s bike, freight, pedestrian, and transit maps into one plan. It also determines how and where people will fit onto Seattle’s streets. Learn more here. The plan will inform the next transportation levy and be incorporated into Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan which shapes how our city grows – where housing, parks and services are located. It is critical that it reflects and advances our safety, equity, and climate goals.   A crowd of people line up to board a King County metrobus with a bike on the front rack.

What’s happening Now?

Over the last year and a half, SDOT has created preliminary policies for transit, freight, and biking that will be incorporated into the Seattle Transportation Plan. And thanks to your advocacy, that policy for bike routes now includes some safety considerations. This is a huge win! But it’s not enough. We need to stay vigilant in our fight to prioritize safety, equity, and climate. Click here to stay tuned for future engagement opportunities. We expect a second round of engagement this fall before the plan is completed in 2023.   Act Now! button

Take the survey and add pins to the interactive map now to make sure that your thoughts and values are included in Seattle’s transportation vision.

  Thank you for your continued advocacy!   Be well, Clara   A headshot of Clara Cantor, a mixed race person with dark hair, long curly silver earrings, and a grey vest.Clara Cantor she/her Community Organizer Seattle Neighborhood Greenways Website - Twitter - Facebook