April News from District 5

Editors Note: Two of the most active groups in the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways coalition are Lake City Greenways and Licton Haller Greenways. Without further ado, her is an update from Janine Blealoch the co-leader of Lake City Greenways followed by an update from Lee Bruch the interim leader of Licton-Haller Greenways.  Lake City
Lake City Greenways received a matching fund grant for 30% design and construction drawings for the Oympic Hills Greenway pocket park and is still seeking matching cash. Lake City Greenways has participated in several walking tours of LC with D5 candidates to make sure that our traffic safety issues are understood. Two Greenways projects were among the 4 prioritized by the North District Council for the Neighborhood Park and Street Fund
  1. Monica's completion of the north half of the future Cedar Park Greenway, which combines elements of Safe Route to School and Greenway on a street that already has speed humps
  2. Funding for the 60% design and construction drawings for the Olympic Hills Greenway pocket park.
We are back to monthly crosswalk actions. Actual engineering improvements to Lake City Way under the traffic safety corridor project will begin this summer. We also have regular onsite meetings with SDOT staff to look at problem areas in LC and come up with solutions. -Janine Blealoch, Get involved with Lake City Greenways Licton Springs - Haller Lake
Neighborhood Parks & Street Fund grants: The Northwest District council selected Joanne Ho’s application for traffic safety improvements on 1st Ave. NW near Northgate Elementary as one of the applications they’re forward to, and selected as an alternate Robin Randels’ application for a study of a 92nd St. Safe Route to School.
  • We are initiating conversations with several local schools for planning Safe Route to Schools
  • We hope to define and prioritize our major initiatives for the year during our next 2 monthly meetings and during a series of community mapping events
  • We are working to ensure that as part of the 92nd St. Cross-town Corridor Seattle Public Schools completes the missing link on 92nd between Ashworth and Stone Avenues at an acceptable width.
  • We were excited to learn that SDOT has included the following in the Seattle BMP Revised 2015 Implementation Plan:
    • 2015: In-street minor separation on College Way from N 92nd to N 103rd (striping now underway)
    • 2016: A protected bike lane on N. 130th St from the Interurban Trail to 5th Ave NE, a protected bike lane in 92nd from 1st Ave NE to Wallingford (yeah! part of our projected 92nd Cross-town Corridor), and extending the in-street minor separation along Meridian from N. 103rd to N. 112 th St.
    • 2017: Creating a Neighborhood Greenway on 100th from the proposed I-5 crossing to 4th Ave NW
    • 2019: implementing a PBL along 1st Ave NE from 92nd to Northgate Way
Lee Bruch, Get involved with Licton-Haller Greenways