Bike Share Changes Seattle Safety Equation

by Cathy Tuttle July 17, 2017 Bike share will test safe Seattle streets Bike share will test safety of Seattle streets I'm so excited! This week, 1000 new orange and green bikes will be magically scattered like confetti throughout Seattle. @LimeBike has a track record of launching dock-less bike share systems. @SpinCities says it raised $8 million for bike share and eventually wants a fleet of 10,000 bikes in Seattle. Seattle is the largest market to date for both companies, and Spin and LimeBike will be competing head to head. Each company is allowed to launch a fleet of 500 of their distinctive bright green and orange upright bikes today, another 1,000 next month, and 2,000 the following month. The beauty of dock-less bike share is the fact you can find a bike anywhere in the service area with an app, unlock a bike with your phone, and ride anywhere for 30 minutes for $1. No search for parking, just find a bike and ride.

Bike Share and Vision Zero

My biggest worry is safety. Not safety of the bikes, that feel solid and reliable, but street safety. The new bike share service areas in Downtown, Central Seattle, Columbia City, Beacon Hill, South Lake Union, Eastlake, Fremont, Ballard, the U-District are filled with high crash corridors and intersections with few miles of protected bike lanes, trails, or greenways.
  • My hope is the thousands of new Spin and LimeBike riders will encourage people driving to become more aware and respectful of people on bikes.
  • I also hope SDOT will quickly build out a fully protected #BasicBikeNetwork downtown and a linked safe network throughout Seattle.
  • Most of all, I hope thousands of people will discover the joy of riding a bike for everyday transportation.
Welcome SpinCities and LimeBike! Ready for a downtown #BasicBikeNetwork? Ready for a downtown #BasicBikeNetwork?   Urban Village Bike Map connect the dotted lines! Urban Village Bike Map connect the dotted lines!   Want to support more advocacy work like this? Volunteer and donate:
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