The Business of Safe Streets on Pike/Pine

Would you encourage your loved one to ride their bicycle here? aweful pine bike lane image by david seater This is currently the condition on Pine St, an important walk/bike transportation corridor. It's unpleasant for people walking and downright dangerous for people biking. But it doesn't have to be this way. Central Seattle Greenways has set out to make some changes. They teamed up with Capitol Hill Housing's Renter's Initiative, the Capitol Hill Community Council, and Cascade Bicycle Club and over three days in Spring 2017, approximately 20 volunteers and staff conducted door-to-door business engagement along the Pike/Pine corridor. Team members spoke with people in 59 (!) businesses about how people get to their establishment, what traffic safety issues they see on the streets, and what kind of street improvements they would be interested in seeing. The good news is that business people really do care about safe streets. The conversations went well and the volunteer teams collected valuable information, made new contacts, and helped start a conversation about how to improve the safety of Pike/Pine for people walking and biking to local businesses. This fall the team is planning to continue advocating for safer crosswalks bike lanes on the Pike/Pine corridor. Would you like to get involved? Stay tuned! Want to support more work like this? Volunteer and donate:
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